Unvisible is a recruitment firm connecting the most diverse, curious, and talented individuals with remarkable opportunities across design, creative, strategy, account, and operations in businesses striving to have a positive impact on the world.

We nurture bonds between people and the opportunities that inspire and demand the best of them and their talents.

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Our world is full of limitless information, relentless normalization, continuous self‐promotion, hyper‐connectivity, and endless possibilities in which everyone has access to anything and anyone at anytime.
At Unvisible we call on greater restraint to reduce the clutter and the noise; to discern the relevant information, and to have real conversations – so that we can identify the best fit between candidate and opportunity.
This is the foundation in which Unvisible was formed and the principles for how we approach our work.

About Us

Bringing together our expertise in design, technology, recruiting, coaching, and psychology, our passion is for fostering the conditions in which sparks occur – when talented individuals find that opportunity for which they will thrive.

Stephanie-Dolores Henkle

Stephanie’s journey has weaved through the paths of fine art, psychotherapy, organizational behavior, and talent management. She began her career as an Art Phychotherapist and then moved into the Organizational Psychology within the healthcare and finance industries. In 2009, she started consulting as an Executive Recruiter in New York, helping clients and companies from start-ups to corporations develop and implement strategies to better attract and engage their employees. In 2015, the establishment of Unvisible with Bryan, brought  an exciting opportunity to bridge her passion and knowledge in design, consulting, and organizational and human behavior within the creative industry.  Stephanie holds a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a MA in Art Psychotherapy from Drexel University and a MA in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University.  She currently calls the Bay area home. 


Bryan Collins

Bryan has spent his entire career in the design and creative service industry working in design and creative leadership roles at global branding firms such as Wolff‐Olins, Huge, and 360i, and as a designer at several Fortune 500 retail brands. In 2012, Bryan became a certified career and life coach with a focus on providing insight and guidance to individuals looking to grow in and gain fulfillment from their career choices. This cumulative set of experiences gives Bryan informed insights into the workings of agency and corporate culture and to the motivation that drives innovation. Bryan studied Graphic Design at Georgia State University and earned his IFC Certified Life Coach credentials at the Open Center in NY. Bryan currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.


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